Paris Guide

In February I visited Paris for the second time and loved every second of it, and yes, it did take me 2 months to create this city guide. Hopefully, you’re going to find the guide full of vegan and eco recommendations useful for when you get a chance to visit Paris (post-coronavirus of course…) 


Also attached is a Google Maps list with all of the places I visited and even ones I didn’t get a chance to check out. 


Sightseeing, Accomodation + Transport: 


Paris is full of beautiful museums, and sights, including the obvious: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musée d’Orsay and Canal Saint Martin.  Some beautiful areas also include Montmarte, Le Marais, and Belleville. 


To get around all of these areas we mostly walked, which was enabled by the amazing weather! We also took advantage of the electric scooters they have all over the city to drive all around the Seine river which was truly one of the best experiences! They also have bikes available to rent all over the city, so everything is easily accessible. I only took a car once to take me from the train station to our Airbnb. Speaking of, Paris is full of small boutique hotels and Airbnbs and it’s a great way to experience a bit of the local culture as opposed to staying in chain hotels. 

Vegan Food: 

As with all my travels, my top priority is checking out all the vegan food… can you blame me? Because I am the only vegan in the family we opted to go to “conventional” restaurants/cafes to eat and they had limited options of vegan food, I must admit. The one fully vegan stop was “Cloud Cakes” which serves sweet treats, croissants and even brunch (on Sundays). This was pretty packed on both days we visited, so I suggest you call ahead of time if you’d like to find a seat. 


Some reputable vegan (and vegan-friendly) spots I didn’t manage to check out are Hang Burger + Pizza, Vegan Hero, Today Tomorrow, Hot Vog, VG Patisseries, and a Demain. 


All of these drool-worthy destinations are definitely worth another trip to Paris. 

Sustainable Shopping:

Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world definitely did not disappoint when it comes to sustainable shopping. In every corner, there is a thrift store with some of the biggest chains being Kilo Shop and Chinemachine. I went to multiple thrift stores and really liked the selection of goodies they had, but since it was Valentine’s weekend every store was packed, I didn’t think that it was worth waiting in the huge lines. Some of these thrift stores are definitely a bit dirty so try and pack a pair of gloves if you really want to do some digging. Apart from the thrift stores, it’s also very important to mention the vintage store which is flooded with classic French and international brands, both high end and affordable. The best finds are definitely the jewelry, which good quality and at really great prices! 


Along with second-hand fashion, there were many stores that sold sustainable fashion like Ekyog and Alter  Mundi. There  are also small boutique stores like  Miss Bio Archive that  offer cosmetics and  other vegan-friendly goodies (like snacks!) 


Feel free to check out my Paris vlog below! 


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