9 Sustainable Brands that are Budget Friendly

In an ideal world, sustainability would be affordable, slow fashion would be the norm and the industry wouldn’t be one of the most polluting ones. 

As this is unfortunately not the current reality, I have tried to gather some brands that not only meet my ethical standards (vegan and preferably sustainable), but they won’t break the bank. However, we must remember that if we want to partake in slow fashion, some pieces might be an investment but will last you a long time. 

If second-hand fashion is available to you, you should also check them out to prevent them going to landfill! 

For every day apparel, you should check out these 3 brands:

People Tree UK 

I have heard great things about People Tree, but I have yet to try the brand myself. You can find almost everything you need, including dresses, tops, pants etc, some of which are really affordable.  

Apart from being affordable, they are all about a sustainable and ethical fashion supply chain, which is why they’re fair trade, use certified organic cotton, and other sustainable fabrics. Unfortunately, they do use animal bi-products like wool, but you can easily avoid them  while roaming their website. 

Monkee Genes UK 

I  had attempted  to try out Monkee Genes  a couple of months ago, and unfortunately the fit and size was just not right so I had to return them. However, from my brief encounter with the jeans I could tell they are high quality and definitely more affordable than other sustainable brands. 

Monkee Genes have the planet, people and animals as a priority and that is why they use GOTS certified organic cotton, they are PETA approved vegan and they use certified factories in order to  keep the working standards high. 

Everlane USA (referral link)

Everlane is very popular amongst the sustainable fashion community as they have great transparency within their supply chain however they are unclear about whether or not all their fabrics are sustainable (like the cotton), and they use animal products like leather in their accessories. 

Everlane’s high quality products are  definitely on the top of my list, so I would also suggest you check them out and their  good prices. 

If you’re looking for a sustainable solution to athletic and casual wear, this is where you should look:

Tala UK

Iris Bra (burgundy), Zinnia Leggings (black), Zahara Bra (black)

I am completely in love with Tala and everything they stand for. To be 100% honest, their products are not only sustainable and high quality but EXTREMELY affordable (even when comparing them to Nike and Adidas). Their transparency and sustainability is excellent and I have personally tried their products and have been loving them! 

I have a pair of leggings and two workout tops and I pretty much wear them as soon as they’re  out of the wash. I could rave about them for a long time, but you can go check them out for yourselves. 

Accessories are one of the most affordable sustainable and vegan finds so here is a short list of brands that will hopefully suit  your needs. 

Will’s Vegan Store UK 

I have yet to explore Wil’’s Vegan Store, but I love roaming through their website and seeing their beautiful shoes and belts (and bags) which are 100% vegan, as well as certified carbon neutral (all their products, and them as a company). 

Thankfully, they are very affordable compared to other companies and I have read that they’re also good quality, so it will definitely be a great investment if  you purchase from them. 

La Bante UK (affiliate link, 10% off) 

I will never stop talking about La Bante because from the moment I first purchased one of their bags I was in love! Not only are they 100% vegan, but they also use recycled waterbottles in their products  in order to make them even more sustainable and they are considerably affordable.  

Many months later, La Bante contacted me to become an ambassador and of course I agreed, as I could attest to their high quality. Feel free to use LBDESPINA10 for 10% off (affiliate link, I get a % of the sale at NO extra cost to you). 

Friday by JW PEI USA 

I own a couple of things from JW PEI, but they recently rebranded those specific items under their new and more affordable brand Friday by JW PEI. As far as I’ve observed their prices are still affordable, however due to the rebranding I cannot attest to the same high quality. 

However, this brand has super affordable pieces that are 100% vegan and I think they are definitely worth a look. I also want to give a disclaimer that while scrolling through their Instagram there were multiple people complaining about the delivery of their package, so proceed with caution (and if you have had an experience with Friday by JW PEI comment your thoughts down below). 

Lastly, here are two multi-brand shops that have a plethora of affordable and sustainable goodies. 

Know the Origin UK 

I have heard really good things about Know the Origin, especially because they pay a lot of attention to the sustainability and ethical values behind each item that is brought to  the store.They are stockists of Hara the Label and a couple more international brands but they also have their own line of clothes. 

Veenofs UK 

I have had no experience with Veenofs in the past, but they have a huge range of 100% vegan products with prices ranging, so you can definitely find something that suits your needs. 


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