Bamboo Activewear and Intimates by Boody |Review|

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I had been searching for quite some time for activewear that was either sustainable or ethical, but preferably both.

Yes Nike and Adidas have some cool initiatives, however there isn’t enough transparency in order for me to trust them.

Through a couple of bloggers (thanks @blueollis) and ads I found out about Boody, am Australian company that makes basics from Bamboo, one of the most sustainable fabrics. While doing so, they have a transparent supply chain and they give back  to charities (they do have a special edition bracelet of which 100% of the profits will be donated to Goodbye Malaria, however no further specifications are given). Their products range from activewear, t-shirts and intimates for women, men, and babies.

Due to the fact they’re located all the way in Australia I decided to order them via Naturisimo (a UK multi-brand shop). I decided to try a pair of their leggings, and two different types of underwear.

I got the “Full Brief” as well as the “Classic Bikini” and at first touch, the fabric was soft as butter! I was kind of disappointed at the size range (S-XL), but they do offer a large variety  of products and colors. My favorite of the two is definitely the “Full Brief” because it is high waste and hugs well, but both of them have relatively large seams which make them difficult to wear with tight clothes (they even show through with some jeans). If an “invisible” look is not what you’re looking for, then these are a perfect purchase!

However, the leggings (“Full Leggings”), were very underwhelming. I got them in the same size I got the underwear (L), and they were very loose around the waist and ankles, and completely see-through. Thank goodness I did a “squat-proof-test” before I headed off to the gym because they are not gym-friendly. Maybe it  was the sizing, maybe it is the fabric, but even if I were to size down they might have fit better, but they would’ve been ever more transparent. Now I want to give a disclaimer that these leggings are not from their “Activewear” range, but I would expect them to offer some sort of coverage, enough for me to go out of the house.

Final thoughts:

The “Full Brief” cost 12.95 AUD. Do I like them? More than all the other products I tried. Would I recommend them? Yes, if you have 13 dollars to spare. Would I purchase again? Probably not.

The “Classic Bikini” cost 9.95 AUD. Do I like them? No. Would I recommend them? Maybe, if you don’t mind how obvious the inseam is. Would I purchase again? Nope…

The “Full Leggings” cost 27.95 AUD. Do I like them? Absolutely not. Would I recommend them? No. Would I purchase again?

Even though I haven’t completely loved my purchase from Boody, I would love to try in  their future some of their other products such as their bralettes and tees because their fabrics are too soft to resist!

Have you tried Boody products? What is your opinion?


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