Cork in Sustainable Fashion (ft. Bobobark + more)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Cork is commonly known for its precious  space in the wine industry however technological developments have allowed us to turn this renewable natural resource into a vegan leather. 

Cork originally comes from a cork oak tree (yes, I know, how weird is that??) which has to be at least 25 years old in order to be harvested. Unfortunately the first harvest is unusable, but after each harvest the wood absorbs 3-5 times more  CO2 than when it’s unharvested! Once it has regrown and reharvested (takes about 9 years), the material has to dry out for 6 months and then it can be used.

harvested vs. unharvested cork oak tree

Cork is an excellent fabric not only because it is friendly to the environment (as there’s no need to cut down the tree; just harvest it) but it is water  resistant and 100% vegan. The main countries which cork is made are Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy and Tunisia.  

I have yet to use cork myself, however there are  numerous companies which are using this innovative fabric with the hope of creating a more sustainable and animal friendly fashion industry.  

Recently, Bobobark reached out to me to raise awareness  of their first product release; a versatile and vegan cork leather bag, which has now become live on Kickstarter!

Bobobark originates from France by Natacha Soroussi, who wanted to create a product that was stylish, but also ethical. That’s when she came out with the idea for a versatile bag that can be worn 3 different ways (thus reducing the number of bags that you “need” to have in your wardrobe), is ethically handmade, and of course does not contain animal animal bi-products. 

Even though I have not yet tried their product, the bag looks stunning (the orange inside is really eye-grabbing) and I feel confident promoting it as it aligns with my values. 

Have you ever considered cork for your fashion pieces? If you’ve tried it, what is your opinion? 

If you’d like to shop from Bobobark, you can use this (affiliate) link.

Here are some other companies that are using cork leather:





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