Holiday Gifts for All Budgets

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The holiday  season is upon us, which means it is also gifting season! In my culture, a gift is always a must but i find it that often, people would rather buy something that the other person doesn't  even need for the sake of giving something rather than going empty handed. That’s why this season I have pledged to myself that when someone asks me “what do you want for Christmas?” I will answer honestly! This will make my grandma’s life easier, I will actually get something that I will use rather than getting more socks that my drawer can no longer handle haha…

But if you are unsure of what to gift to the special people in your life, i have created this (hopefully) helpful guide full of vegan and eco gifts that will definitely fit whatever budget you have and they will also do good to the world! 

(Even better if you can find these gifts second-hand or if you gift experiences over things)

*please keep in mind that shipping costs are not included in these prices* 


-£13.5 (originally 13$) EcoTools Brush Kit* made from 100% vegan fibres (PETA certified), recycled metal and bamboo 

£13.5 Vegan Bunny Christmas Candle  beautiful candles in recyclable and reusable metal jars, made from soy-wax 

- £17 Green Spirits Tote Bag perfect for your wanna-be eco-friendly friends, made from recycled polyester and recycled cotton under ethical conditions (disclaimer: this is my own brand). Use code BLOG for 10% off

- £19. 5 (originally 25$) Net Zero Reusable Glass Coffee Cup make sure your coffee-addict friends reduce their daily waste by using a reusable coffee cup! (or foldable for £17.2 (originally 22$) Net Zero Co Reusable Collapsible Coffee Cup )

- £18 Organic Basics Tennis Socks  socks made from organic cotton and elastane made to last a lifetime. Use code DESPINAOB2 for 10% off

- £20 Green Spirits Reusable Waterbottle 500ml 100% stainless steel water bottles to stay hydrated all year long!(disclaimer: this is my own brand). Use code BLOG for 10% off


-£28 Stockholm Rose Silver Earrings made from recycled Argentium silver, handcrafted by the owner! For every purchase a tree is planted through the Borneo Foundation LTLOE15 (on orders over £50)


-£33 Matt and Nat Makeup Bag *perfectly curated for all your cruelty-free makeup made with vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles lining.

- £35 (originally 45$) Pela Phone Case* compostable phone cases with cute designs and colors? Yes please! (prices vary with design + phone model)

- £40 Green Spirits Hoodie let your friends stay warm and spread the eco message with this organic cotton statement hoodie. (disclaimer: this is my own brand). Use code BLOG for 10% off


-£45 (originally 58$) Aether Beauty Palette* perfect for your makeup loving family members. 100% vegan, cruelty free, clean and recyclable.

-£50 Will's Vegan Store Coin Purse give your unorganised friends a hint by gifting them a coin purse made from 100% vegan leather, certified carbon neutral.


-£55 Loft and Daughter Cushion made with sustainable materials and by artisans in India, your friends are definitely going to appreciate this house-warming gift! Use code L2LOE for 15% off

- £70 (90$) Nimble Portable Charger using recycled and biodegradable materials, this portable charger will make sure your friends always stay safe and fully charged! Plus, Nimble recycled 1 pound of e-waste with everything purchase made. Get 10$ off with this link

- 135 GBP Votch Watch made with pineapple leather, this watch made by the vegan company Votch is sure to make your friends thankful to have you as a friend...


- 25GBP → 159 GBP Package Free Shop Zero Waste Kits no matter what your budget is, you can help your friends get ahead on their eco-friendly journeys by gifting them one of these zero-waste kits.

Gift cards 

No matter what your friends are into, they will definitely appreciate a gift card from these eco-friendly stores!

- Package Free Shop (US based sustainable store)

- The Green Labels (Netherlands based sustainable fashion shop)

- Treen (UK based sustainable fashion shop)

- Woron (Denmark based sustainable fashion brand)

- Organic Basics (Denmark based sustainable fashion brand)

*this post includes affiliate links which means I earn a small commission from every purchase at no extra cost to you*

Also make sure to check Emma's guide of 110 eco-gifts!

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