My Winter Staples

I know, I know, winter is almost over but I have tried and tested these products and I am ready to share! Keep in mind that these items have been purchased throughout  the past few years, and I have thrifted a lot of other stuff that are not going to be included in this blogpost. If you’d like to see more sustainable fashion inspo, make sure you check out my Youtube channel.


Armed Angels Beanie, always keeps me warm and it’s super easy to layer! Definitely worth the money.

Organic Basics, Nudie Jeans*, and Tala Tennis Socks. I know long socks aren’t the most fashionable piece of clothing but they do keep you warm!

My Green Spirits “Leaf” hat has been worn countless times already and helps block wind and cold.  The best part is that I can also wear it during the summer, so the possibilities are endless.

I also love topping off all my outfits with my Angela Roi Eloise bag; very versatile and cant fit so much stuff!


Raeburn Jacket (pictured above): this is my favorite jacket of the season and it’s one of the only puffer jackets out there that are actually sustainable (made from 100% recycled plastic). If you’d like a longer suggestion list of winter jackets check out this blogpost, or this Youtube video where I showcase my favorites.


You already know that I live in Green Spirits hoodies, but the newest addition, the “Good” hoodie has definitely been a staple as of lately and the pop of color brightens up gloomy days.

Some of my most worn sweaters are from Armed Angels* made from organic cotton, or they are thrifted!


My Nudie Jeans * have been the warmest and highest quality jeans I’ve ever purchased. Even though they are pricier than fast fashion options, the quality will definitely make you fall in love with the brand. I own the Hightop Tilde Ever Black and Concrete Grey* and I wear the way too often….

Whenever I want something more casual I layer my Tala sweatpants (pictured above).


My winter staple boots definitely have to be my Vegan Doc Martens*, and when in need I add a faux-wool insole and tennis socks to keep me even warmer.

Let me know if some of my staples are your staples too!

Also I can't forget about my vegan Veja sneakers! So comfortable and easy to style.

- Despina xx

*this post includes affiliate links which means I earn a small commission from every purchase at no extra cost to  you*


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