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A dog is truly man’s best-friend (and cats can be too!) and that’s why we should protect their health and the earth they live on. In this blogpost I will be going through ways to reduce your furry friend’s environmental impact, but before I begin I would  like to remind you that if you’re thinking of bringing a dog/cat or any other pet in your household, choose to adopt rather than shop. 

Adopting a dog means that a life is saved and taken out of its misery on the streets/kennel. On the other hand, dogs found in pet shop are bred into existence under  cruel and unnatural conditions. You can find out more about puppy mills here. If you already have a dog or cat and cannot rescue another one, you can volunteer to be a foster parent, meaning you get to take care of a dog (or cat) while they try  to find a forever home for them. Learn more about fostering here. If you’re interested in adopting or  fostering an animal, feel free to google ways to do that where you live (ex. Adopt dog in London…) 

Now let’s get into the small, but impactful ways to reduce your pet’s waste: 


If your dog is anything like mine, he bite through multiple leashes throughout the year. Especially if you have a retractable one, it is almost impossible to recycle because of the plastic, fabric and metal components that are hard to  take apart. A good solution is to purchase leashes second-hand, but if you cannot find any, you should opt for natural materials, like these hemp ones. 

As for the broken ones, you can upcycle them at the end of their life! 

Poop bags:

The little plastic bags that  help us keep the city clean of dog-poop are very useful, but they do have a big environmental footprint. Not only are they made from virgin plastic, they’re also non-recyclable and contaminate nature when thrown away. That’s why you should opt for compostable poop-bags which you can find here, which you can throw in your compost bin and they will become one with nature again. 

Another great solution is to use what you already have at home like old plastic bags, food packaging and anything else that can’t be recycled or reused in any other way. 

If you would like to learn more about them, feel free to read my friend Emma’s blogpost on the subject. 


My dog sure loves his stuffed toys, but he always ends up chewing (and ingesting pieces of) them. For the sake of his health (and the environment), I’m trying to switch to more natural and sustainable toys, like these made from natural rubber! This will obviously vary from pet, to pet, but there are a ton of other natural toys, even on Amazon, and TK Maxx in the UK. 


If you love animals enough to have one in your home, you should be using cruelty-free and vegan friendly shampoos to save other animals from being tortured in labs for the sake of cosmetics! By choosing a natural and CF shampoo for your pets, you are keeping them clean and helping create a more peaceful industry (bonus points if you find package free ones!). Check out these shampoos by Paw Naturel (and look at item  descriptions to make sure the ingredients are vegan-friendly) 


Bowls and other accessories can be easily found second-hand but if that is not accessible to you, feel free to choose natural and durable  materials like bamboo or metal!


Now… I don’t mean to get controversial, but there have been studies shown that dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet (only dogs though! Please don’t attempt to feed your cat vegan food). I’m not going to get too into it, but if you’re interested in switching to plant-based dog food, you can check out V-Dog

Here are some stores that offer eco-friendly dog supplies: 

Earth Dog

Package Free Store (use this link for 10$ off)

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