Swedish Stockings Review

If you’ve been interested in sustainable fashion for some time, you will have definitely heard of Swedish Stockings, the only (as far as I know) brand that makes tights, stockings, and other accessories from recycled fabrics. I had been interested in these for a long time, and I finally made the decision to purchase two pairs; the Anna Control Top Tights ( in black) and the Irma Support Tights (in sand). 

Swedish Stockings have a size chart which you can use based on  your weight and height. I’m not really sure if that’s the most effective way to choose your sizing, but it worked well for me.  I got a size L in both tights and they fit well. Due to the compressive nature of the two models, the tights were quite difficult to put on, but once they were on they felt nicce and didn’t fall down. The tights were breathable but quite thick so I thought they would be perfect as an investment piece, especially considering their price point (20-30 EUR). 

Their packaging is 100% sustainable and you can also return old tights (from any brand) and they will recycle them for you. Their factories are zero-waste and their entire production cycle is powered by renewable energy.  

Due to their ethics and obvious sustainability iniatives, I was super excited to receive these in the mail. The delivery was fast (around 5 days in total) but  I was disappointed to see that the Irma Support Tights Tights were not even close to my skin color (and there’s no color guide on their website to help with the selection!). This model makes my legs looks chalky so I wasn’t completely in love with them, but I still wear them underneath jeans in the winter. The  Anna Control Top Tights were absolutely amazing; the right amount of compression, perfect size and color. I thought these would last me years due to their quality, however my tights got caught on my bracelet which create a small rip. This rip continued to grow throughout the day and now the tights are unwearable. This wouldn’t usually bother me as small accidents are bound to happen but considering that I paid 23 EUR pricepoint, I was very upset and disappointed that my money went “down the drain”. 

Overall I really appreciate the effort Swedish Stockings puts on their products and overall production processes, however if you’re clumsy like me and prone to ripping tights, I would suggests second-guessing your purchase. If you’re also looking to purchase a nude shade, make sure you contact their support to make sure you choose the perfect shade, otherwise your tights will look chalky and not classy at all! 

Have you tried Swedish Stockings before? Let me know  your thoughts down in the comments. 


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