Vegan Winter Jackets

Hello everyone! Winter is officially here, especially here in London. There are a lot of misconceptions about vegan outerwear; there aren't a lot of options, they're not warm enough and they aren't affordable enough. So that is why today I'm bringing you 7 vegan coat options from around the world varying in prices, styles and materials so that you can hopefully find something you love.

However, you should also check in thrift stores to find some high quality coats which will keep you warm AND reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

1. Magnethik

- Location: France

- Products: Coats

- Women's only

- Material: OEKO-TEX polyester and organic cotton

- Sizes: XS - XL

- Price: 290 EUR

My favourite pieces: Caldo and Daddy

2. Wuxly

- Location: Canada

- Products: winter jackets, vests and bomber

- Men and Women's

- Material: Recycled nylon and PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation

- Sizes: XS - XL

- Price: 135-785 CAD

My favourite piece: Doe Parka

3. Jan n' June

- Location: Germany

- Products: coats

- Men and Women's

- Material: organic cotton and recycled polyester

- Sizes: XS - L

- Price: 270 EUR

My favourite piece: Europa

4. Save the Duck

- Location: USA

- Products: winter jackets, faux fur, fleece hoodies, vests

- Men, kids and Women's

- Material: polyester

- Sizes: XS - XXL

- Price: 248-548 USD

My favourite piece: Smeg Parka

5. Noize

- Location: Canada

- Products: winter jackets, coats, faux fur, faux leather, fleece

- Men and Women's

- Material: polyester and recycled polyester

- Sizes: XS - XXL

- Price: 119-360 CAN

*I have actually tried the MIA Heavyweight Parka and it was one of the warmest winter jackets I've ever tried*

6. Hemp Taylor

- Location: The Netherlands

- Products: winter jackets, bomber, denim,

- Men and Women's

- Material: hemp, organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, OEKO-TEX acrylic

- Sizes: XS-XL

- Price: 125-549 EUR

*I currently use the Ladie's Nordic Parka in black and it's so cosy and warm. The faux fur looks so real and people keep approaching me to ask if it is!*

7. Unreal Fur

- Location: USA

- Products: faux fur

- Kids and women's

- Material: modacrylic and polyester

- Sizes: XS-XL

- Price: 309-599 USD

My favourite piece: Elements

Have you tried either of these brands and if yes, what were your thoughts? Let me know down in the comment section.

- Despina xx


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