Vegan Winter Shoes

Updated: Jan 5

I am constantly sharing fun and sustainable  winter outfits over on my Instagram, so I thought this was a great opportunity for me to share a lengthy list of all my favorite vegan winter shoes. Depending where you live, you might really need to bundle up to handle the cold  weather so make sure you keep your feet warm whilst staying stylish. 

Vegan Dr. Martens * 140$

(I sized up to a 41 EU) 

These are my most worn shoes because  they are super easy to style, water-resistant and I’m not  scared to get them dirty. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and the bottom  of the shoe has a lot of texture which creates a good grip or slippery surfaces. 

Bhava Studio Black Chelsea Boots 269$ 

(I sized up to a 41 EU) 

These biker boots are perfect if you want to spice up any outfit but still want comfort.  The little studs create a cute effect when walking and your feet will never get tired of walking! I have also added some vegan-friendly fuzzy insoles  to keep my feet extra warm which I had gotten from Avesu (where I had originally  gotten the shoes from too) but they don’t  seem to stock them anymore. 

Guru Tarantula Boots 120€

(I sized up to a 41 EU) 

These cute chelsea style boots made with pinatex  (pineapple leather) have become a staple in my wardrobe and I am a huge supporter of Guru because of their transparency and ethics. In fact, you can head over to their website and see  the rundown of their pricing; how much money the workers were paid, how much the materials cost, etc! Due to their elegant structure, I love pairing these boots with some recycled black tights which  you can find here*.  

(these boots were kindly gifted to me by Guru) 

Koi Footwear Military Boots* £53

(I sized up to a 41 EU) 

These are not the exact boots I bought (you can find  the originals here but they have low availability as they were limited edition) but they are similar enough that I still feel confident to suggest them to you! These  are super soft, lightweight and of course, 100% vegan boots perfect for a more edgy look. I love pairing them with sweatpants or cargo-pants and a graphic  t-shirt. 

Mireia Play Snake Boots  139€

(Size 40) 

These are some of the fancier shoes that I own but they are definitely one of my favorites. The are tall enough to be considered “fancy” but they are also very easy to walk on. Due to the fact that they are heels, I wouldn’t suggest them for snowy or icy surfaces.  

I’m also a big weirdo  and still wear sneakers in the middle of winter and my staple is this pair by Stella McCartney x Stan Smith*. Unfortunately they were limited edition, so  here is another  sneaker alternative by Veja  that will definitely keep your look classy and cruelty-free. 

I’ve also been  getting in the trend of of socks and low-cut sneakers, so here* are some  organic-cotton black  that go above the ankles so you stay warm.  

Thankfully we don’t have snow in London, but if I  were to live somewhere with lots of snow I would invest in these faux-fur boots because they look so comfy and incredibly warm! 

Let me know if you have any other vegan-friendly winter boots down in the comments 

- Despina xx 

*this post includes affiliate links which means I earn a small commission from every purchase at no extra cost to  you* 


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