Sofia Guide

This guide will help you find vegan food, sustainable shops, and more in Sofia, divided by different regions. I have included some reviews of the places I have tried, but that is my opinion, and it is neither a guarantee for any future experiences now should you avoid visiting a place because I did not have a pleasant experience! ​

Feel free to use the map included below and download it on your phone for when you visit Sofia

Here is a list of chains (2 locations or more) which you can visit all over Sofia and Bulgaria (if applicable):  



  • Happy/Sasa (vegan options available)
    These two are owned by the same person, so the menus are very similar. There are a couple of vegan options including sushi,
    noodles, and pasta but a lot of the rest of the foods can be veganized. The menu is extensive so there should be a couple of options for you to choose.

  • Raffy (vegan options available)
    The first time I went to Raffy since vegan I found a huge variety of vegan options including pizza, pastas, wraps, etc (it was really hard to make a choice!). However, after going a second time a couple of weeks later I saw that their vegan options had significantly increased, but there are still a couple like a falafel wrap, hummus etc.

  • Boom Burgers (vegan options available)
    Even though the vegan options are very (very limited) there is a veggie burger called Mr. Bean that is absolutely delicious, packed with protein and can be veganized if you tell them to not include the cheese. The sauce was also vegan, which I was very happy about.

  • Salad Box   (vegan options available)
    When I first found this place I got so excited to have some healthy and filling food, and even though there are a ton of veggies to add to your salad, only a couple of the sauces were vegan which made the salad taste bland. Maybe try bringing your own sauce (??)

  • Spaghetti Kitchen  (vegan options available)
    Even though there aren’t that many options (you can veganize some kinds of pasta dishes, and there’s a falafel option), the food is delicious!

  • Spaghetti Company (vegan options available)
    Very similar to Spaghetti Kitchen, with few vegan dishes available, but it is good quality food.



  • Zelen 
    Zelen is an organic ("bio") store chain which you can find all over Sofia and there are a ton of vegan, gluten-free and organic options to choose from. 

  • Zoya
    Similar to other "bio" stores, you can find cruelty-free cosmetics, cleaning products and a ton of vegan foods. This is also a good place to buy staple foods in bulk and avoid plastic packaging. 



  • Lush
    With multiple locations across the city, Lush is a great place to go for cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, as well as many package-free options. 

  • The Body Shop
    Similar to Lush, you can find a ton of cosmetic and beauty products without the cruelty! However, you should prepare in advance by having a list of their vegan products as they are not clearly labeled in the store. 


by area




Central Sofia


  • Social Cafe (vegan options available)
    This has to be one of my favorite spots because not only are a lot of the dishes vegan, but they are clearly labeled so you don't have to bombard the staff with questions. You can also veganize many meals, so you will always have something to suit your taste. 



  • Zona Urbana
    Whether you want to treat yourself to a new bag or buy an accessory for your friends' birthdays, you can find them at Zona Urbana, who make everything out of recycled materials and a lot of them are vegan (no use of leather).




  • Soul Kitchen (vegetarian, vegan options available)
    This is one of the only vegetarian/vegan restaurants I have tried in Sofia because it looked so promising. I have been there a couple of times and the quality and taste of the dishes was delicious, and a big portion of the menu is vegan.




  • Cinecitta (vegan options available)​
    This has been a favorite of my family (even before I went vegan), so when we recently visited, I was so surprised to see that there were vegan options. Actual vegan options, not just pasta. You can get lasagna, and salads as well as pizza and of course pasta. A true vegan italian dream. 



Boom Burgers

Spaghetti Kitchen


Soul Kitchen

You can find more vegan restaurants wherever you go using the website/app Happy Cow


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